Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group is available as our specialised arm to act advise you in any conflict situation in which you may be involved, and to act as your counsellors in any judicial or quasi-judicial conflict resolution process.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice service areas comprises the following:

  • Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Defence
  • Appeals
  • Insolvency and Receivership
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Civil & Commercial Litigation Group provides litigation services and advice to clients involved in disputes in different areas of law. Upon receiving your instruction, we carry out in-depth analysis and give you an opinion regarding the issues involved in the dispute, and on the options for achieving a positive result in the most cost-effective manner. This would include options at non-litigious or amicable resolution of the matters in contention. Where the chances of amicable resolution is determined to be remote, or is otherwise rendered impossible, you can be rest assured of the competence and experience of our lawyers to provide intelligent and skillful representation in pursuit of your cause in court.
We regularly litigate in all the trial courts (Magistrate, State and Federal High Courts, the National Industrial Court, the Investments & Securities Tribunal, and similar Tribunals) on varying legal matters and issues including Contract, Torts, Administrative Law, Human Rights, Investments and Securities, Admiralty arrests and attachments, Aviation, Insurance coverage and claim disputes, loan and debt recovery litigation, employment and labour disputes, trademark and copy right infringement litigation, foreign judgment enforcement actions, insolvency, civil attachment of assets, and all manner of complex business disputes.
Whatever your need is for litigation and dispute resolution services, our team of experienced, responsive, client’s interest-focused, and cost-effective court-room advocates is just a call away and is waiting to be beckoned into action.

If you are facing the prospect of a criminal investigation or prosecution, we not only provide you with early expert legal advice, but support you with our skilful advocacy at trials before Magistrate or State and Federal High Courts or other Tribunals across States and Federal jurisdictions throughout Nigeria.

Instructing us is an assurance of fast, and direct access to a knowledgeable and highly competent criminal lawyer from whom you can be sure of getting the most dispassionate and professionally honest assessment and advice that would enable you make informed decisions on how best to face the charges you are confronting. Should it be inevitable to plead guilty based on the nature of the charge and the quality of the evidence pleaded by the prosecution, our expert legal advice and skilled and knowledgeable representation will still help make a significant difference to your case and mitigate your penalty, especially through plea-bargaining.

Our Appellate litigators have briefed, argued and won for our clients several high stakes Appeals involving legal disputes of diverse nature, at both appellate court levels in Nigeria – the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court. Our Appellate Team Leader, Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika, regularly litigate before both courts where he has briefed and argued several cases resulting in close to 100% success ratio, confirmable from the published case law reports, particularly the Nigerian Weekly Law Reports (N.W.L.R.) and the Supreme Court Reports (S.C) When you come to us, whether as a respondent to an Appeal, or as an intending Appellant against an unfavourable verdict of a lower court, we offer you, on a non-commitment basis, a professional assessment of your chances in the Appeal or intended Appeal. Where you chose to retain our services, we will also undertake all post-verdict motions, such as those required to legally constitute your Appeal, or for the in-limine dismissal of wrongfully constituted Appeal against a verdict in your favour, and/or for enjoining certain steps to be taken to enforce or preserve the fruits of a verdict in your favour, or to stay the execution of a verdict against you, without prejudice to the outcome of the substantive Appeal.

‘Tomi Olagunju, who leads our team on insolvency and receivership matters, has a deep understanding of the law and practice of receivership both from a theoretical perspective and from many years of experience representing clients on either divide of such matters.
Where necessary, we work with associate professionals, including auditors and accountants, property valuers, tax experts, business managers, investigators, etcetera to solve any issue, financial or business, that may arise in connection with your matter, and to secure your best interest in the receivership process.
We are thus the firm to come to based on the depth of experience available within our practice which you will find adept to achieve favourable outcome in your receivership matter, no matter the size or complexity.

Clients interested in alternative method of settling their disputes (that is, otherwise than through court litigation) can rely on the excellent services available in our ADR practice. Our ADR practice, led by Oluwafunmilayo Jimoh, has available to put at your service lawyers with specialist training and many years of experience in the three main areas of ADR – Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation. We have conducted many commercial arbitration matters, including a few of some complexity, for clients both in the private and public sectors. We also regularly appear for clients in Mediation matters, especially before the Lagos Multi-Door Court House.