Company Secretaries & Nominees Services

Our fully-owned subsidiary, Equity Union Limited, operates as our Company Secretaries & Nominees Services arm to handle all your needs for Company Secretaries’ services.

Equity Union Limited (RC: 239183) was incorporated in 1994 and has since that time developed and retained a reputation among its numerous clients (ranging from small and private start-ups to public companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange) for the efficiency and comprehensiveness of its company secretarial and corporate governance compliance services.

Our Company Secretaries & Nominees Services include the following:

  • Pre-incorporation/Post-incorporation Services
  • Company Secretaries & Support services
  • Nominees Services

– Pre-incorporation/registration advisory services

– Entity formation and establishment, including registration of business names, cooperative societies, incorporated trustees, and incorporation of private and public companies.

– Processing of applications for industry-specific regulatory permits and licenses (such as IDCC, NOIC, CBN, Mining Cadastral office, NCC, NOTAP, NAICOM, FIRS, NEPZA, SON, NAFDAC).

– Develop and manage the processes that ensure full and timely compliance with company and other legislations and regulations applicable to your client.- Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, and take appropriate action required by such changes.

– Entity rationalisation and supporting you in managing changes as your business grows. – Sharing with you our experience of effective corporate governance and risk management.

We provide and support your entities with a full range of company secretarial services, including:

– Developing and managing the processes that ensure full and timely compliance with company and other legislations and regulations applicable to your company or other entity;

– Keeping your owners, managers and directors informed of the corporate governance requirements on their offices or positions under CAMA and other industry-specific legislations and regulations/codes;

– Providing an interface with your shareholders, or such like members/stakeholders, to ensure adequate and timely response to shareholder requests, and ensuring that all benefits, including dividends, due to shareholders get to them in timely order;

– Organising, preparing agendas for, and taking minutes of meetings (including but not restricted to meetings of General Meetings, Board of Directors, and of other Statutory or Board Committees);

– Dealing with correspondence and notices (including those to and from directors and shareholders) ordinarily required to be dealt with by the Company Secretary; collating information for use at board and other meetings; drawing-up resolutions, writing reports and ensuring decisions made are communicated to the relevant people;

– Contributing to meeting discussions, as and when required, and advising members of the corporate governance implications of proposed policies;- Liaising with statutory regulators and advisers;

– Keeping and maintaining the minute books and all other statutory registers, including the Register of past and present shareholders and shareholdings and debenture holders and debenture-holdings, the Register of charges on company’s assets, the Register of past and present directors, the Register of Directors’ interest in the Company’s shares and debentures;

– Preparing and ensuring that all returns statutorily required to be made to the Corporate Affairs Commission (including annual return/audited accounts, returns of changes in registered address and in the registered particulars of Directors, secretary and shareholders/debenture-holders, returns of charges on company’s assets, and of all special or extraordinary resolutions of the Company etc.) are made in timely order;

– Preparing and following-up on Returns to other relevant regulatory bodies like the CBN, NAICOM, DPR, SEC, etc.

– Agency and correspondent services where required in Nigeria by your entities (whether foreign, or local).

– Custodial services, and as such, to accept and ensure the safekeeping of all sensitive records and documents which you may from time to time entrust to us, and return or make them available upon demand

– Registrars services for non-quoted entities (private companies limited by shares, cooperatives).

– Carrying out other administrative and Secretarial duties as may be required by your entity.